Rainforest – Tropical and Temperate

Rainforests always have high rainfall and continuous all over the year. Rainfall may range from 50 – 260in.

Rainforest are mostly having evergreen trees and high amount of rainfall.Rainforests are commonly called as Lungs of the Earth or Jewels of the Earth.

Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world.

Structure of Rainforest

Rainforest can be divided into 4 layers.
The top most Emergent layer, Canopy, Understory layer and Ground layer.
The topmost Emergent layer has tall trees of around 200 feet height.
Animals living in the Emergent layer include some birds, bats, butterflies etc.
Canopy layer has the vegetation of 20-30feet height.
More amount of animals lives in this region compared to other layers
Understory layer is constituting shrubs and some short trees, most of the trees have large leaves.
Animals in this region constitute some gorillas, elephants, pythons.
Ground layer doesn’t have much plants as this region in completely dark
Animals in ground layer are wild pigs, anteaters and decomposers.

Tropical Rainforest – Know more about them

Tropical rainforest is distributed close to north and south of the equator. It is located in Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. Temperature in tropical rainforest range from 21-30C. As a result of high temperature, forests are warm and wet climate. Annual rainfall range from 66-390in. 

These are present in central and south America, Western and Central Africa, Western India, Southeast Asia, the island of New Guinea and Australia. 

Diversity of flora and fauna is high comprising of an average half of the diversity.

WhatsApp-Image-2020-05-05-at-4.58.58-PM Rainforest - Tropical and Temperate

Temperate Rainforest – What is the difference?

Temperate rainforest is located in middle latitudes of earth. It has an average rainfall of  200 centimetres.

Temperature in temperate rainforest range from 0-20C. As a result it is much cooler. They are mostly  located in coastal, mountainous areas.

Temperate rainforest is present in northwest of North America, Chile, UK, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, Southern Australia.

These forests are not biologically diverse.

People of the rainforest

Rainforest have been the home for some complex communities like Mbuti, Chimbu, Tlingit, Yanomami etc.

Importance of rainforest

Rainforests provide around 20% of oxygen, plays a role in water cycle, abundant medical products and many products of man kind. 

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