Mushrooms – Know more about them

As soon as this word falls on our ears most of our mouth will be watering. So let us see few facts of mushroom in this article. Mushrooms are actually fungi commonly called as toadstool. It grows on soil, above ground on any food source or decaying matter. The edible portion of mushroom are actually fruiting bodies of a group called basidiomycetes. There are around 10,000 types of mushrooms, it can be broadly categorised into 4 categories saprophytic, endophytic, mycorrhizal and parasitic. 

Saprophytic : which grow on dead and decaying matter, hence they are decomposers 

Eg: Morels, shiitake, white button, oyster etc.

Endophytic : which grow on higher plants, but they won’t damage the host tissue unlike parasitic type

Mycorrhiza: the association of mushroom with the roots of higher plants in which both are beneficial.

Eg: Truffles, Chanterelles etc.

Parasitic : which also have the association with the host but it’s one sided interaction, fungi( mushroom) obtains nutrition from host and in turn gradually kills the host 

Eg: Honey fungus, Caterpillar fungus, Lion’s mane etc.

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    Wow. Never knew ther r so many varieties. This was very insightful. Please keep posting more. Good read

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